Whether this is your first time getting your photos done professionally, or the millionth time... keep reading for a run down on what I do and why I'm different.


Let me start off by saying what I don't do. I don't pose you like dolls in awkward, overused positions and then snap some photos while you fake-smile. Literally anyone can do that. My toddler can do that with my iPhone.

I do create timeless, emotional art. The kind you frame and hang on your walls, or keep in a book to flip through over and over.

Before our shoot, I take the time to get to know you; to understand who YOU are as a unique individual, or couple, or family.

I take you to a beautiful location - whether that's a spot I love or a place you have a special connection to - I step back and observe. I notice the little things; the way you tuck your daughter's hair behind her ear, the tender touch of your husband's hand on the small of your back, the way your face lights up as your children run into your arms.

And then I capture all of it.

I bring you to a space where you can totally relax, be yourselves and have fun. Then I give you that time back, frozen, in the form of heart-melting photographs. And you get to keep them, FOREVER.


My passion is showing the beauty of your chaotic, messy life. As a mom, I know that years go by in an instant. One second you're snuggling your brand new baby. You blink once, and they're running and talking and way too independent, and you struggle to remember those first newborn snuggles.

My favourite moments are always the unplanned ones. The in-between ones, the ones you don't expect. Down the road, they're the ones that end up meaning the most to me.

I want to capture as many of those precious, unexpected memories as I can. I want to freeze them and give them back to you so that you have them to hold for the rest of your life.When your babies are grown and gone, I want you to look at the images I gave you and I want you to feel their little arms around your neck, or their squeals of laughter as you chased them through the grass.

There just aren’t enough words to possibly describe how amazing each and every photo that Ivania took of our little family is! Brings me to tears just looking through them all. She was instantly able to put my family at ease, and capture some absolutely magical moments that I will treasure forever!!

-LeRae B

What sets me apart?

I could tell you about my shooting style, the way I edit, or even my client closet (if you know me you know I LOVE to talk about that!). Each of those things are unique, but here's the important stuff;


More than how my photos look, I focus on how my photos feel. I don't want to just capture how you look during our session, (though of course, that's important too). I want to capture how you connect with the people you love, and how they connect with you.


My work goes beyond something as simple as a photographer and a subject. My job is to capture honesty, authenticity and vulnerability... but in order to capture it, I need YOU to give it. Our session is a back and forth, mutual effort to create an immortal, timeless treasure.


"How can I serve?" is a question I have felt called to ask in all areas of my life, and photography is no exception. From your first inquiry to the delivery of your final gallery (& beyond!), I am here to help, encourage and support in whatever capacity I am able.


Okay... so now you have a pretty good idea of who I am and why I do what I do.

But what can you expect when you book with me?

Here's how it goes:


Once I receive your deposit, we will choose a date and lock you in my calendar. Then we start planning! We'll schedule a short phone call to get to know one another and discuss your session. Afterwards, we will stay in touch via email or text message. I will help you pick a location, carefully put together a flattering wardrobe, soothe anxieties, enthusiastically encourage. I am here for whatever you need!


I work very hard to make my shooting style as hands-off as possible. Every now and again I may help guide you with a gentle prompt, but my goal is to see you as you are - not as I pose you. Instead of inserting myself into your family dynamic, I prefer to sit back and observe you in your true element.

Allow yourselves to relax, let the babies run and play. Silly faces, tickle fights, snuggles and laughter are all welcome here!


I cannot explain how important it is to print your images. You invest time and money and emotion into capturing beautiful portraits... please don't let them waste away on your computer. I know it's a ton of extra effort, which is why I do it for you! Each of my packages comes with credit towards my print shop. I will help you with choosing your prints and deciding how to best display them. That way, you get physically hold and hand down those precious memories... for generations to come.


Ready to book? Or would you like more info, including a detailed Session Guide?

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  • Do you shoot weddings?

Yes! While I am primarily a family photographer (which is why I only advertise for families), I do take on a handful of weddings per year. Please reach out if you are interested in inquiring about a wedding and/or viewing some of my wedding work.

  • Do you have a studio?

No, I currently do not have a studio! If you are interested in booking a studio for your session, please let me know and I can make arrangements.

  • Do you offer in-home sessions?


  • Where do you offer your sessions?

Anywhere! My packages include up to an hour (1 way) of travel, anything further is subject to travel fees.

  • What are your prices/how many photos do we get/what is your turnaround time?

If you are interested in viewing one of my Guides, which each have a more detailed walkthrough of how our sessions work, as well as my full pricing list, please fill out this form HERE.

  • Do you offer Mini Sessions?

I offer two sets of minis; Mother's Day and Christmas. These are both done in a studio. You can subscribe to my EMAIL LIST to be notified about Minis release dates!

  • Do you provide outfits?

Yes! Currently I only supply garments for adult women. If you are interested in seeing my closet, please fill out the contact form and I'll send it to you!